Many teams understand the power of practice. Sports teams couldn’t do without it, performing artists practice and rehearse endlessly to reach peak performance, and in the army lack of practice will get you killed.

But in business, we hardly take time to practice. We hope we'll succeed at once, or we wing it, or we simply fail to deliver what we intended. Somehow, in business we don’t take time to practice. This might partially be because we are “too busy with the real stuff”; we tell ourselves we have more urgent things to do than to practice with leadership skills and behaviors.

Our practices are therefore not an on-top-of, but they are intended to seamlessly blend in with the work you need to do anyway. They are opportunities to experiment, opportunities to grow, opportunities to learn something about yourself, your performance and your talents.

Leadership Practice System

Our practice system holds dozens of practices, which we integrate into our client engagements, and provide to participants after their learning event so they can continue their learning journey. A large number of practices are also spread throughout the book Anticipate, and made accessible with QR codes that bring you to the right practice page. Alternatively, if QR code scanning is not for you, you can enter the practice number (the number under the QR code) in “Have a code?” to access the desired practice.

There are 3 practices listed here for demonstration purposes. Get a copy of the book, if you want to access all practices designed at developing yourself into an inspiring, visionary leader.